Do you want to influence this world and make people think the way you want? We don’t offer to collaborate and create a device for mass control. But you can use the eyes of cameras to show what your world looks like. You can write about events around you or interview a music star. Maybe with friends, you’ve always wanted to try that social experiment, but never felt you could do it. Meet people who can say yes to you. Take a camera and go out on your red carpet, hidden in the far corner of the attic. Feel what it’s like to film a time-lapse sunset or reshoot a scene of a short film because of laughing actors. Be live from a theater premiere or a report from your favorite band’s concert! Learn, do, try, and create! We are active and believing, free and open to ideas. If you feel like trying, then respond! This world offers you opportunities, come and take them at Young Media House!